Terms and Conditions

The following terms are referred to every type of commission. Check them out before sending any email.

General Rules

∙ 50% of the payment will be paid before starting the commission, the other half will be paid at the end.
∙ PayPal only, I'll send you my PayPal.me link.
∙ Regular currency like dollars and euros will be the only one accepted. No payments via crypto or art trade for example.
∙ The clients who decide to do not want the commission for any reason anymore won't get any refund.
∙ It is implied that the commission will be executed following my drawing style. However, if the client need a specific art style for a project, we can discuss about it.
∙ The commission is for personal use only. If a person need commercial rights, a percentage of +200% will be applied to the total price.
∙ Written prices include taxes already.
∙ The drawing(s) will be sent digitally via email (I'll eventually use WeTransfer if the files are too big).
∙ Please introduce your project and idea when composing your email, let me know who i'm dealing with via your email. Do not come randomly texting me a single "I want a drawing" or something similar only.
∙ Remember that patience and kindness are the key for a sucessful interaction. If you have some doubts or considerations feel free to express yourself but in a educate manner. And if you changed you mind and do not want a commission anymore, please let me know! Do not leave me hanging, waiting for an answer which will never come!

Commission Procedure

∙ As soon as we discussed the project, I'll start to sketch various options (if there's not a clear idea yet). When the sketch will be chosen, it's required to pay 50% of the total price. I won't continue it until I will receive the payment.
∙ Once the sketch will be settled, drastic changes on the drawing won't be accepted anymore.
∙ I need my time to complete the commission, I always show up first. I usually comeback with updates within the 72hrs from my last message, but if it takes longer do not panic already. If you need updates, write me!
∙ Talking with me is always available, during the course of the making we will be constantly in touch to send progress.
∙ The final piece will be sent in both JPEG and PNG format after receiving the remaining 50% payment left.

Not Accepted

NSFW (gore/sexual/nudity).
NFTs projects of any kind.
Too different drawing styles from mine (ex semirealism, realism, anime x).
Logos (accepting them only if contains drawings, like the examples on this page, but not text designed logos).
I won't draw you, your OC, your friends etc in any anime/show style. No style challenges as well.
I won't copy and/or redraw an already existing art (ex anime frame screenshot). Real photos you took are accepted.
Politics drawings.
I have the right to reject commissions ideas I feel not comfortable with.


∙ 10% off for the next projects for returning customers.
∙ If a client requests so many commissions in once, the price will decrease a bit (to settle based on the demand).


Can I post the drawings in my social accounts?
Sure, you can! Be only sure to give credits!
I want to contact you for a commission, how can I do it?
The best way to contact me is surely via email ([email protected]), you can tap the email icons in this site as well! Otherwise, you can try contact me in socials but I may not see the message immediately.
I need a present for a person and so I have a deadline. Can I request a commission anyway?
Yes! No problem with the deadline. Only contact me in a reasonable time which is not 1 week/3 days before the event.
Can I request a specific size for my piece?
That's for sure! I always ask it before starting any project!
I lost my piece you did for me! How can I do?
Text me! There's a high chance I still have your commission!
I tried to contact you but I have received no reply!
It may be possible the email was lost in spam or you didn't type the email correctly. If what you did was correct, then reach me in socials! Instagram is the one I use the most. I always reply to commissions requests, even the ones I want to reject.
How can I know if you're available for a commission?
Write me and I'll let you know. The commission request is always open, but it might happen I can be busy in a specific time and/or you have to wait a bit due to the queue.

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